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Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:HISTORY School:BIROHI NETAJI BIDYABHAVAN,District:Nadia

Caste:OBC  Criteria:Hons Subject:CHEMISTRY School:dahalauda baroda sundori girls school,District:Purba Midnapore

Caste:OBC  Criteria:Hons Subject:CHEMISTRY School:dahalauda baroda sundori girls,District:Purba Midnapore

Caste:SC  Criteria:Pass Subject:SANSKRIT School:patunigata girls hgh school,District:South 24-Parganas

Caste:SC  Criteria:PG Subject:ENGLISH School:gopalpur jr. high school,District:Purulia

Caste:SC  Criteria:PG Subject:ENGLISH School:gopalpur jr high school,District:Purulia

Caste:General  Criteria:Pass Subject:BENGALI School:Raghunathganj Girls high school,District:Murshidabad

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:ENGLISH School:Belguma Vivekananda Vidyapith(H.S),District:Purulia

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:HISTORY School:J.K.Nagar HighSchool Mob 9434434028 ,District:Burdwan


Caste:SC  Criteria:PG Subject:ENGLISH School:BHAIRABPUR RAMGATI VIDYALAYA (H.S),District:Paschim Midnapore

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:GEOGRAPHY School:Karak S.S.High School,District:Purba Midnapore

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:POLITICAL SCIENCE School:GONPUR HIGH SCHOOL,District:Burdwan

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:MATHEMATICS School:KULGACHI R K VIDYAMANDIR,District:Nadia

Caste:SC  Criteria:Pass Subject:HISTORY School:dkbm,District:Purba Midnapore

Caste:General  Criteria:Hons Subject:HISTORY School:DHABLAT BISHALAKSHI GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL,District:South 24-Parganas

Caste:OBC  Criteria:PG Subject:ENGLISH School:Murgaberia Azrul Vidyapith ,District:Howrah

Caste:General  Criteria:Pass Subject:BIO-SCIENCE School:Kancharipara Jr High School,District:Howrah

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:BENGALI School:hjcv,District:Hooghly

Caste:General  Criteria:PG Subject:POLITICAL SCIENCE School:GONPUR HIGH SCHOOL,District:Burdwan


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